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CROSS THE WAVES || The Killing Tide Return to Drummonds

The Killing Tide, return to the stage at Drummonds Aberdeen on Friday, August 18th. Drummonds has forever been our favourite venue in Aberdeen.. and home Unveiling four brand-new songs that have never been heard live before.

With the added allure of The Sapiens sharing the spotlight, and best of all, free entry on a late summers evening..

The Setlist:

We are preparing to debut four never-before-heard songs..

he titles alone – 'Be Brave,' 'Running Wild,' 'Passengers of History,' and 'Setting Sun' – hint at a journey of emotions and musical exploration.

'Be Brave'

As the roaring guitars and powerful vocals of The Killing Tide blend with heartfelt lyrics, the very essence of their new single 'Be Brave' takes center stage. This anthem encapsulates the spirit of taking bold steps and facing the unknown head-on. With a chorus that demands attention and verses that speak to the depths of one's soul, 'Be Brave' resonates with anyone who's ever had to summon their inner strength to conquer life's challenges.

'Running Wild'

Sometimes, magic happens in an instant. For The Killing Tide, that's exactly what 'Running Wild' embodies. Written and recorded within a mere couple of weeks, this track is a testament to the band's ability to capture lightning in a bottle. The song's driving rhythm and soaring melodies invite listeners to let loose, live without inhibition, and embrace the thrill of breaking free from the ordinary. As the guitars echo the sentiment of wild abandon, 'Running Wild' might just become your new anthem of liberation.

'Passengers of History'

From its acoustic origins to its full-band evolution, 'Passengers of History' is a testament to The Killing Tide's musical versatility. Originally

Collaborating with their good friend Stooshy, the track weaves a narrative that traverses different emotions and tells the tale of a lost fisherman at sea. With a chorus that swells and a riff that resonates, the song's landscape captures both the expansiveness of the open ocean and the intimacy of personal stories. When 'Passengers of History' takes the stage, it's bound to be a standout moment that tugs at heartstrings.

'Setting Sun'

As the final note of the quartet of new songs, 'Setting Sun' arrives with a title that suggests both beauty and melancholy – a fitting conclusion to this musical journey. The poignant lyrics and lingering melody of 'Setting Sun' promise to leave a lasting impression on the audience.

"Join Us This Friday, Swim Against the Tide Images Rehearsal 14/8

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